Emily Ziz Style Studio

All natural fabrics including hemp & hemp blends are now available from the Emily Ziz Style Studio Also available original wallpapers ask for a swatch of your choice. 


Stunning new sheers in the PipWilly natural fabric range. Hemp /organic cotton with a hint of your pattern in your shade. Ask about my curtain making service & I will […]

PipWilly at a ‘Pair of Chairs’

Choose your favourite vintage chair and fabric to match your flavour. There are lots of hemp & hemp/ organic cotton natural choices available for you. Then there is also a […]

‘Canopy’ covering a TV Chair

‘ Canopy’ is a versatile and eco friendly upholstery fabric choice from PipWilly. Looks beautiful & fresh here in willow on hemp/organic cotton covering a vintage TV chair. There are also […]

Akaysa Stripes & Canopy

Akaysa Stripes & Canopy by Philippa – are a co ordinate duo. Canopy being an all-over botanical design; looking up into the tropical Akaysa tree there is distinct pattern of […]